utils.tool 源代码

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Some tool classes and functions.

    :copyright: (c) 2019 by staugur.
    :license: BSD 3-Clause, see LICENSE for more details.

import re
import sys
import hmac
import hashlib
import requests
import smtplib
import semver
from uuid import uuid4
from time import time, localtime, strftime
from datetime import datetime
from random import randrange, sample, randint, choice
from redis import from_url
from email.header import Header
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from email.utils import parseaddr, formataddr
from user_agents import parse as user_agents_parse
from bleach import clean as bleach_clean
from version import __version__ as PICBED_VERSION
from .log import Logger
from ._compat import string_types, text_type, PY2, urlparse
if PY2:
    from socket import error as ConnectionRefusedError

logger = Logger("sys").getLogger
err_logger = Logger("error").getLogger
comma_pat = re.compile(r"\s*,\s*")
colon_pat = re.compile(r"\s*:\s*")
verticaline_pat = re.compile(r"\s*\|\s*")
username_pat = re.compile(r'^[a-zA-Z][0-9a-zA-Z\_]{3,31}$')
point_pat = re.compile(r'^\w{1,9}\.?\w{1,9}$')
mail_pat = re.compile(
author_mail_re = re.compile(r'(.*)\s<(.*)>')
url_pat = re.compile(
    r'(?:/?|[/?]\S+)$', re.IGNORECASE
data_uri_pat = re.compile(r'^{}$'.format((
    r'data:' +
    r'(?P<mimetype>[\w]+\/[\w\-\+\.]+)?' +
    r'(?:\;charset\=(?P<charset>[\w\-\+\.]+))?' +
    r'(?P<base64>\;base64)?' +
er_pat = re.compile(r'^(and|or|not|\s|ip|ep|origin|method|\(|\))+$')
ir_pat = re.compile(r'^(in|not in|\s|ip|ep|origin|method|,|:)+$')
ALLOWED_RULES = ("ip", "ep", "method", "origin")
ALLOWED_EXTS = ("png", "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "bmp", "webp")
ALLOWED_VIDEO = ("mp4", "ogg", "ogv", "webm", "3gp", "mov")

[文档]def rsp(*args): """使用 `picbed:` 前缀生成redis key""" return "picbed:" + ":".join(map(str, args))
[文档]def md5(text): if not PY2 and isinstance(text, text_type): text = text.encode("utf-8") return hashlib.md5(text).hexdigest()
[文档]def sha1(text): if not PY2 and isinstance(text, text_type): text = text.encode("utf-8") return hashlib.sha1(text).hexdigest()
[文档]def sha256(text): if isinstance(text, text_type): text = text.encode("utf-8") return hashlib.sha256(text).hexdigest()
[文档]def hmac_sha256(key, text): if PY2 and isinstance(key, text_type): key = key.encode("utf-8") if not PY2 and isinstance(key, text_type): key = key.encode("utf-8") if not PY2 and isinstance(text, text_type): text = text.encode("utf-8") return hmac.new(key=key, msg=text, digestmod=hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()
[文档]def get_current_timestamp(is_float=False): """获取当前时间戳 :param bool is_float: True则获取10位秒级时间戳,否则原样返回 """ return time() if is_float else int(time())
def timestamp_to_timestring(timestamp, fmt='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'): """ 将时间戳(10位)转换为可读性的时间 """ if not isinstance(timestamp, (int, float)): try: timestamp = int(timestamp) except (ValueError, TypeError): raise timestamp = localtime(timestamp) return strftime(fmt, timestamp)
[文档]def create_redis_engine(redis_url=None): """创建redis连接的入口 .. versionchanged:: 1.6.0 支持rediscluster """ from config import REDIS url = redis_url or REDIS if not url: return if url.startswith("rediscluster://"): try: from rediscluster import RedisCluster except ImportError: raise ImportError( "Please install module with `pip install redis-py-cluster`" ) else: startup_nodes = [ dict(host=hp.split(":")[0], port=hp.split(":")[1]) for hp in comma_pat.split(url.split("://")[-1]) if hp and len(hp.split(":")) == 2 ] if startup_nodes: return RedisCluster( startup_nodes=startup_nodes, decode_responses=True ) else: raise ValueError("Invalid redis url") return from_url(url, decode_responses=True)
def gen_rnd_filename(fmt): if fmt == "time1": return int(round(time() * 1000)) elif fmt == "time2": return "%s%s" % ( int(round(time() * 1000)), str(randrange(1000, 10000)) ) elif fmt == "time3": return "%s%s" % ( datetime.now().strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S'), str(randrange(1000, 10000)) ) def get_today(fmt="%Y/%m/%d"): return datetime.now().strftime(fmt) def allowed_file(filename, suffix=None): if not filename: return False suffix = set(suffix or ALLOWED_EXTS) return '.' in filename and \ filename.rsplit('.', 1)[1].lower() in suffix
[文档]def parse_valid_comma(s): if isinstance(s, string_types): return [i for i in comma_pat.split(s) if i]
[文档]def parse_valid_verticaline(s): if isinstance(s, string_types): return [i for i in verticaline_pat.split(s) if i]
[文档]def parse_valid_colon(s): """解析形如 a:b,x:y 字符串为 dict(a=b, x=y)""" if s: return dict([ i.split(":") for i in comma_pat.split(s) if i and ":" in i and len(i.split(":")) == 2 and i.split(":")[0] and i.split(":")[1] ])
[文档]def is_true(value): if value and value in (True, "True", "true", "on", 1, "1", "yes"): return True return False
def list_equal_split(alist, n=5): return [alist[i:i+n] for i in range(0, len(alist), n)]
[文档]def generate_random(length=6): code_list = [] for i in range(10): # 0-9数字 code_list.append(str(i)) for i in range(65, 91): # A-Z code_list.append(chr(i)) for i in range(97, 123): # a-z code_list.append(chr(i)) myslice = sample(code_list, length) return ''.join(myslice)
def format_upload_src(fmt, value): """转换upload路由中返回的src格式""" if fmt and isinstance(fmt, string_types): if point_pat.match(fmt): if "." in fmt: fmts = fmt.split('.') return {fmts[0]: {fmts[1]: value}} else: return {fmt: value} return dict(src=value) def format_apires(res, sn="code", oc=None, mn=None): """转换API响应JSON的格式 可以用下面三个参数修改返回的res基本格式: - sn: status_name规定数据状态的字段名称,默认code - oc: ok_code规定成功的状态码,默认0,用字符串bool则会返回布尔类型 - mn: msg_name规定状态信息的字段名称,默认msg """ if isinstance(res, dict) and "code" in res: if not sn: sn = "code" code = res.pop("code") if oc: if oc == "bool": #: ok_code要求bool时,成功返回True,否则False code = True if code == 0 else False else: #: 不是bool就是int,成功返回oc,否则是code本身 try: code = int(oc) if code == 0 else code except (ValueError, TypeError): pass res[sn] = code if mn and res.get("msg"): msg = res.pop("msg") res[mn] = msg return res class Attribution(dict): def __getattr__(self, name): try: return self[name] except KeyError: raise AttributeError(name) class Attribute(dict): def __getattr__(self, name): try: return self[name] except KeyError: return '' def get_origin(url): """从url提取出符合CORS格式的origin地址""" parsed_uri = urlparse(url) return '{uri.scheme}://{uri.netloc}'.format(uri=parsed_uri) def check_origin(addr): """Check whether UrlAddr is in a valid host origin, for example: .. code-block:: http://ip:port https://abc.com """ if addr and isinstance(addr, string_types): try: origin = get_origin(addr) except (ValueError, TypeError, Exception): return False else: return url_pat.match(origin) return False
[文档]def check_url(addr): """Check whether UrlAddr is in a valid format""" if addr and isinstance(addr, string_types): if url_pat.match(addr): return True return False
[文档]def check_ip(ip_str): sep = ip_str.split('.') if len(sep) != 4: return False for x in sep: try: int_x = int(x) if int_x < 0 or int_x > 255: return False except ValueError: return False return True
def gen_uuid(): return uuid4().hex def check_ir(ir): """解析ir规则,其格式是: in:opt1, not in:opt2""" if ir: for i in parse_valid_comma(ir): opr, opt = i.split(":") if opt not in ALLOWED_RULES or opr not in ("in", "not in"): raise ValueError def parse_data_uri(datauri): """Parse Data URLs: data:[<media type>][;base64],<data>""" if not PY2 and not isinstance(datauri, text_type): datauri = datauri.decode("utf-8") match = data_uri_pat.match(datauri) if match: mimetype = match.group('mimetype') or None charset = match.group('charset') or None is_base64 = bool(match.group('base64')) data = match.group('data') else: mimetype = charset = data = None is_base64 = False return Attribution(dict( mimetype=mimetype, charset=charset, is_base64=is_base64, data=data, ))
[文档]def gen_ua(): """随机生成用户代理""" first_num = randint(55, 62) third_num = randint(0, 3200) fourth_num = randint(0, 140) os_type = [ '(Windows NT 6.1; WOW64)', '(Windows NT 10.0; WOW64)', '(X11; Linux x86_64)', '(Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12_6)' ] chrome_version = 'Chrome/{}.0.{}.{}'.format( first_num, third_num, fourth_num ) ua = ' '.join( [ 'Mozilla/5.0', choice(os_type), 'AppleWebKit/537.36', '(KHTML, like Gecko)', chrome_version, 'Safari/537.36' ] ) return ua
def parse_ua(user_agent): """解析用户代理,获取其操作系统、设备、版本""" uap = user_agents_parse(user_agent) device, ua_os, family = str(uap).split(' / ') if uap.is_mobile: platform = "mobile" elif uap.is_pc: platform = "pc" elif uap.is_tablet: platform = "tablet" elif uap.is_bot: platform = "bot" else: platform = "other" if ( user_agent.startswith("picbed-cli") or user_agent.startswith("sapicli") ) and user_agent.endswith("amd64"): _, _, ua_os, device = user_agent.split(" ") family = "sapicli" return dict(platform=platform, device=device, os=ua_os, family=family)
[文档]def slash_join(*args): """用 / 连接参数""" stripped_strings = [] for a in args: if a[0] == '/': start = 1 else: start = 0 if a[-1] == '/': stripped_strings.append(a[start:-1]) else: stripped_strings.append(a[start:]) return '/'.join(stripped_strings)
[文档]def try_request( url, params=None, data=None, headers=None, timeout=5, method='post', proxy=None, num_retries=1, _is_retry=False, ): """ :param dict params: 请求查询参数 :param dict data: 提交表单数据 :param int timeout: 超时时间,单位秒 :param str method: 请求方法,get、post、put、delete :param str proxy: 设置代理服务器 :param int num_retries: 超时重试次数 :param bool _is_retry: 判定为重试请求,这不应该由用户发出 """ headers = headers or {} if "User-Agent" not in headers: headers["User-Agent"] = "sapic/v%s" % PICBED_VERSION method = method.lower() if method == 'get': method_func = requests.get elif method == 'post': method_func = requests.post elif method == 'put': method_func = requests.put elif method == 'delete': method_func = requests.delete else: method_func = requests.post try: resp = method_func( url, params=params, headers=headers, data=data, timeout=timeout, proxies=proxy if _is_retry is True and proxy else None ) except (requests.exceptions.Timeout, requests.exceptions.ConnectionError): if num_retries > 0: return try_request( url, params=params, data=data, headers=headers, timeout=timeout, method=method, proxy=proxy, num_retries=num_retries-1, _is_retry=True, ) else: raise except (requests.exceptions.RequestException, Exception): raise else: return resp
def is_venv(): """判断当前环境是否在virtualenv、venv下""" return (hasattr(sys, 'real_prefix') or (hasattr(sys, 'base_prefix') and sys.base_prefix != sys.prefix))
[文档]def is_all_fail(alist): """从list下的dict拿出code!=0的(执行失败)数量""" return len(alist) == len(list(filter(lambda x: x.get('code') != 0, alist)))
def check_to_addr(to): """检测收件人格式""" to_addrs = parse_valid_comma(to) if to_addrs: for to in to_addrs: if not mail_pat.match(to): return False return True
[文档]class Mailbox(object): def __init__(self, user, passwd, smtp_server, smtp_port=25): """初始化邮箱客户端配置。 :param user: 邮箱地址 :param passwd: 邮箱密码或可登录的授权码 :param smtp_server: 邮箱的SMTP服务器地址 """ self._user = user self._passwd = passwd self._server = smtp_server self._port = smtp_port self._ssl = False if self._port == 25 else True self._debug = False @property def ssl(self): """是否使用加密连接,支持setter""" return self._ssl @ssl.setter def ssl(self, smtp_ssl): self._ssl = is_true(smtp_ssl) @property def debug(self): """是否开启debug模式,支持setter""" return self._debug @debug.setter def debug(self, level): if isinstance(level, int) or level is False: self._debug = level def _format_addr(self, s): name, addr = parseaddr(s) return formataddr((Header(name, 'utf-8').encode(), addr))
[文档] def send(self, subject, message, to_addrs, from_name=None): """Sendmail :param subject: 邮件主题 :param message: 内容,支持HTML :param to_addrs: 收件人,支持多个 :returns: send result :rtype: dict """ res = dict(code=1) if subject and message and to_addrs: if not isinstance(to_addrs, (list, tuple)): to_addrs = (to_addrs, ) msg = MIMEText(message, "html", "utf-8") msg['from'] = self._format_addr('{0} <{1}>'.format( from_name or self._user.split('@')[0], self._user )) msg['to'] = ";".join(to_addrs) msg['subject'] = Header(subject, 'utf-8').encode() try: if self._ssl is True: server = smtplib.SMTP_SSL(self._server, self._port) else: server = smtplib.SMTP(self._server, self._port) if self._debug: # not False, > 0 server.set_debuglevel(self._debug) if self._user and self._passwd: server.login(self._user, self._passwd) server.sendmail(self._user, to_addrs, msg.as_string()) server.quit() except (smtplib.SMTPException, ConnectionRefusedError) as e: res.update(msg=str(e)) else: res.update(code=0) else: res.update(msg="Bad mailbox params") return res
[文档]def bleach_html( html, tags=ALLOWED_TAGS, attrs=ALLOWED_ATTRIBUTES, styles=ALLOWED_STYLES, ): return bleach_clean( html, tags=tags, attributes=attrs, styles=styles, )
[文档]def is_valid_verion(version): """Semantic version number - determines whether the version is qualified. The format is MAJOR.Minor.PATCH, more with https://semver.org :param str version: 版本号 """ if not version: return False if not PY2 and not isinstance(version, string_types): version = version.decode("utf-8") if hasattr(semver.VersionInfo, "isvalid"): return semver.VersionInfo.isvalid(version or "") try: semver.parse(version) except (TypeError, ValueError): return False else: return True
def is_match_appversion(appversion=None): """确认当前应用版本是否符合appversion要求 :param str appversion: 使用操作符和分组符匹配程序版本 """ #: 没有要求appversion则默认认为兼容所有版本 if not appversion: return True if not PY2 and not isinstance(appversion, string_types): appversion = appversion.decode("utf-8") sysver = semver.VersionInfo.parse(PICBED_VERSION) def vermatch(check_ver): try: return sysver.match(check_ver) except ValueError: return sysver.match(">={}".format(check_ver)) avs = comma_pat.split(appversion) for v in avs: if not vermatch(v): return False else: return True def less_latest_tag(latest_tag): """当前应用是否小于GitHub最新版本比较""" if latest_tag and is_valid_verion(latest_tag): return semver.compare(latest_tag, PICBED_VERSION) == 1 def parse_author_mail(author): """从形如 ``author <author-mail>`` 中分离author与mail""" pat = author_mail_re.search(author) return (pat.group(1), pat.group(2)) if pat else (author, None) def parse_label(label): if label: label = parse_valid_comma(label) else: label = [] if isinstance(label, (list, tuple)): return label return []
[文档]def b64size(b64string): """获取base64内容大小,单位bytes""" return (len(b64string) * 3) / 4 - b64string.count('=', -2)